Lead the Change celebration


As our fantastic Lead the Change project comes to an end, we celebrated the successes and social impact the project has had yesterday with Melody Hossaini, our Awardees and guests. We heard from 4 of our Awardees, Anthony Veluz, Areatha Kay, Stephan Genovese and Stacey Glossop, and were inspired by their stories, passion and achievements so far.

Fran from Chocolate Fairy Catering provided us with a wonderful party themed morning snack, lunch and even a pinata and pin the tail on the donkey! Thank you Fran🙂


At the end of the celebration we asked our guests to think about their own social impact, whether it was big or small, write it on a footprint and stick it on our Ideas Wall


We asked our guests to write down their magic moment of the celebration and here are just a few:

“The stories and passion have inspired me and changed my thinking towards social enterprise”

“Networking and making more valuable contacts”

“Listening to people’s social enterprise stories was inspiring”

“Listening to and being inspired by other Awardees stories”

“Great to meet and connect with other awardees, social entrepreneurs, people that work in social enterprise and other professionals and organisations that get involved in some way with providing social impact.”

Boston College Mock EU Referendum

Polling StationWe held a mock EU referendum for Boston College Staff and learners in the Enterprise Zone from the 23rd – 25th May. Before the mock election learners from across the college participated in activities relating to the EU Referendum, took part in debates and made a video of their findings. Boston Borough Council provided us with the polling stations and signage and allowed us to make the Polling Station as authentic looking as possible which was especially important for our learners, as many will not have experienced voting before. In fact, an important part of this activity was to encourage and show learners how to register to vote for real. Our Travel and Tourism learners acted as poll clerks and counted the votes. The results were interesting!

Result of Poll for Boston College Number of Votes
Remain a member of the European Union: 116 (54.5%)
Leave the European Union: 97 (45.5%)
Total Votes: 213


Remain a member of the European Union: 32 (46.5%)
Leave the European Union: 37 (53.5%)
Total Votes: 69

Remain a member of the European Union: 84 (58.5%)
Leave the European Union: 60 (41.5%)
Total Votes: 144


You’re invited… Lead the Change Celebration

LTC Celebration Invite

As Lead the Change is coming to an end, we’re celebrating the programme, the Awardees and all of their successes on the 15th June with Melody Hossaini. Our Awardees will be sharing the impact they have made so far and get all delegates thinking about their own social footprint.


Dying Matters Awareness Week with the Butterfly Hospice Trust


This week is Dying Matters Awareness Week and we’re hosting a special day with the Butterfly Hospice who will be delivering sessions raising the awareness of Dying Matters, the Butterfly Hospice and encouraging people to talk more openly about death, bereavement and making plans for the end of life. Linda and Emma from the Butterfly Hospice are planning on delivering three sessions to learners from Health and Social Care, Business, UPS and Travel and Tourism with activities planned including bucket list creation.

A bit more about Dying Matters

In 2009, the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) set up the Dying Matters Coalition to promote public awareness of dying, death and bereavement.

The Dying Matters Coalition is working to address this by encouraging people to talk about their wishes towards the end of their lives, including where they want to die and their funeral plans with friends, family and loved ones.

More about the Butterfly Hospice

The Butterfly Hospice is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients and families facing a life limiting illness by providing choice, care and support in a Hospice setting.

They aim to enrich people’s quality of life by relieving symptoms such as pain, breathlessness and other distressing problems through the skills of our experienced and caring teams. Their patients go to them for respite, symptom control and for care at the end of life.

Why don’t you participate in Dying Matters Awareness Week and write down 10 things you want to do before you die? #YODO

ETE – Conference in Gelsenkirchen, Germany


As our ENTER (to) Entrepreneurship project enters its final stages, we were welcomed by our partners at IAT in Gelsenkirchen, Germany to participate in their conference.

Joining with their local Universities career’s day, all partners shared their experiences of the ETE project so far, sharing ideas, success and best practice on the journey of an entrepreneur.

We now look forward to the end of project conference which will be held here at the college at the end of June 2016.